The Egwani Farms Junior Invitational

October 28-29, 2023
Caddy Policy
1. Caddies should-
     -Carry and care for the equipment
     -Rake bunkers
     -Help get yardage
     -Tend the pin
     -Help read greens (quickly)
     -Encourage the player
     -Replace fairway divots or fill with sand
     -Encourage and promote pace of play
     -Stay out of the way
     -Meet the needs of your player in a timely fashion
     -Advise player of known rules (count clubs)

2. Caddies should not-
     -Advise any player or caddy other than their own
     -Fuss with their player
     -Violate the etiquette of the game by talking, walking or interfering inappropriately.
     -Should never smoke or use tobacco products.
     -Curse or bring undue attention to themselves
     -Over do it.

3. Caddies cannot-
     -Make rulings
     -Keep score
     -Move flags on the ground after a ball is moving (you can remove a tended flag)
     -Stand in direct line or indicate a line while the player is making a stroke
     -Help drop balls or replace balls after marking before completion of a hole 
     -Cause distraction to other players
     -Cannot use a pull cart or golf cart. (Players can only use a pull cart if they carry their own bag.)

These are just a few reminders. There are others but have fun and enjoy the caddy/ player experience. If you have questions ask the tournament director or a rules official.

​Caddies are allowed to to change during the rounds. One caddy can abandon and another caddy can take over. They can switch back but only one caddy at a time.