The Egwani Farms Junior Invitational

October 28-29, 2023
Helpful Hints to Maintain Pace of Play
*Keeping up with the pace of play is important in any large field tournament to insure the fair completion of the play. These are a few hints to help those that are not familiar with these types of policies.

1. Play ready golf. All members should go straight to your ball find your yardage and be prepared to play when it is your turn. Be sure to be out of the way of your opponent and still, but ready when it is your turn.

2. Limit unnecessary time burning. One or two practice swings. Avoid lumbering or pouting after poor shots. Finish short putts (18 inches at least)

3. Read your putt while everyone else is reading theirs. Don't wait for someone to play before you start your whole routine. By rule you have 40 seconds to start your stroke after the prior player's ball comes to rest.

4. Make it a habit to score your card at the next tee box. Do not take cards out on the edge of greens. Please do not neglect your responsibility and score the card after each hole. 

5. If someone gets behind or loses a ball, play your next shot before helping. If they must return to tee continue play until the hole is over and wait for the delayed player at the green.

6. You may accept rides back to the tee or previous shot from any cart in this tournament. You may also accept rides to put you back into position, but only on the hole in which you lost your ball.

7. Encourage players who are slow to do things to help them speed up. 

8. If you fall behind try some of these legal strategies to catch up.
    - Continuous putting- each member putts until the ball is holed (no marking)
    - First person finished with the hole goes to next tee first and plays immediately upon completion of previous hole.
    - In this tournament it will always help to let the caddy do any busy work (raking, club cleaning, club handling, etc.) while the player goes forward to get yardage or read greens.