The Egwani Farms Junior Invitational

October 16-17 2021 
Covid-19 Precautions for the 2020 Event:
1. Please bring a mask and wear it in the clubhouse, restrooms and on the porch. 

2. Please maintain safe distance (6 ft) as you arrive and throughout the day.

3. It is ok to remove the flag on the greens but try to use a towel or a gloved hand. 

4. The scorecards will be handed to the marker by the starter and no exchange of cards will take place. Upon completion of the round card gloves will be available for the player to review cards and attest the card. 

5. Please do not congregate around the scoring table after your scoring is complete. All scoring will be immediately available on the app. 

6. Try to avoid unnecessary contact with other players (no high 5's, handshaking, etc.) This goes against the coolest part of golf, the sportsmanship. But try to show it in other ways. 

7. Wash hands and use hand sanitizer liberally. 

8. We will not be taking temperatures at the course because the CDC has eliminated it as a reliable indicator for Covid. If you have a fever please stay home. 

9. In the event of a weather delay please wait in your cars and announcements will be made through the website. We do not want to crowd together in the clubhouse. There will be air horns used to stop and restart play. 

10. No paper will be handed out. Please use your cell phone to review the notice to competitors and listen to the starter for Local Rules from hard card. The phone number for rulings and help is on this Notice. You might want to store it in your or your caddie's  phone.
Please come to warm up within one hour of your tee time. (Max)