The Egwani Farms Junior Invitational

October 16-17 2021 
Our AJGA policy is contingent upon the size of our field. We learned a lesson last year. We needed 47 players in the 15-18 boys to qualify for exemption status. We had 46 that completed the two rounds. We played 8 more in the 12-14 division. If we had played those from the same tees we would have qualified for the status. This year we will consider modifying tees if we have a large 12-14 boys field. This will only occur if we do not have over 50 in the 15-18 division. We already have more than double the registered players than we have had at this stage in any other year. SO, we are very confident that we will be able to continue with two age groups for boys with separate tees.
Either way both groups will be awarded separately.